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Above: Anderson (left) with his teammates in the locker room listening to an inspirational speech from their coach before a big game. LU Photos.
Above: Anderson (left) with his teammates in the locker room listening to an inspirational speech from their coach before a big game. LU Photos.


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Many European high school students are dreaming of a successful college career in a different country.

Combine playing sports and meeting new people in an unknown country, plus getting a college degree, is an exciting journey one of Lynn’s athletes took – and has been more than successful.

Charlie Anderson is a senior from Southampton, England, who did exactly that. In his four years of college he won three National Titles. Anderson won two titles for the Herkimer Community College in New York and, of course, one at Lynn in December 2014.

“I’ve been very fortunate and blessed to be able to win three national championships in the past four years whilst in America,” said Anderson. “It’s not everyday that people from back home get the opportunity to gain an excellent education alongside competing at the highest collegiate level.”

Not only was he successful throughout his college career, but is also very well known and connected within the Lynn community. He even worked on campus as a camp counselor for Pine Tree Camps over the summer.

“From the day I got here I got to know Charlie to be a caring, hilarious and joyful person,” said Aaron Zucker, junior. “Charlie is a brilliant footballer who was a vital part in this year’s team in order to help us win the national title.”

Anderson enjoyed his four-year stay so much, that he can see himself living in the United States for the rest of his life. Currently, Anderson is applying for a graduate assistant position for the Lynn Men’s Soccer team. After he completes his master’s degree, he would like to work in the sports management area, ideally working with a professional club in America.

“I’ve had so much fun and success in America, and also found an amazing group of friends who I can call my second family, that I have spent a lot of time thinking about spending my life in America,” said Anderson. “The success and the experiences I made at Herkimer and Lynn obviously helped me out a lot.”

Only a few college students can call themselves a national champion once in their four years of college. Anderson is one of the most successful international student athletes here at Lynn.


Chris Hellmann

Chris Hellmann is a Lynn's Men Soccer player from Germany. Hellmann plans to play professional soccer after graduation. Not only is Hellmann dedicated to playing sports, but also writing about it. He started working in the field of journalism by working for a local newspaper in Germany. He also worked with a German professional soccer team where he covered games and worked with the advertising department.

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