Paul Watson Has A Travel Bug

Above: Paul Watson is one of Lynn’s many students who partakes in a variety of different activities and organizations on campus. LU Photos.
Above: Paul Watson is one of Lynn’s many students who partakes in a variety of different activities and organizations on campus. LU Photos.


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With Lynn being a smaller community based university, it is easy for people to assume that they know just about everyone on campus.

However, that is never really the case. At Lynn there is always someone new and interesting to meet. Take sophomore Paul Watson for example.

Watson is originally from Alabama. He is a very easy going, simple kind of guy.

Watson enjoys writing, reading, drawing and a tall glass of tea.

He is what people would call an old soul because he enjoys the simple things in life.

Two of his favorite places to be around in Boca are the beach and Barnes and Nobles.

Watson first heard about Lynn through the third Presidential Debate that was host- ed on campus.

“Every school I applied to was in South Florida. So it was the location over any-thing else, plus my grandma lives 15 minutes away,” said Watson.

South Florida has easily become Watson’s second home.

Watson is without a doubt, a people person with a countless amount of interesting things to say.

Some of the things that Watson enjoys are watching Mixed Martial Arts fights, Ultimate Fighting Championship and karate.

When he is not watching his favorite sports, Watson can be found either enjoying good reads in literature, or hanging around with his closest friends at Lynn.

Over J-term, Watson studied abroad in Japan.

“Japan was dope,” said Watson.

On this trip, Watson tried a variety of different foods and genuinely enjoyed his time surrounded by other students experiencing the same experiences together.

After traveling to Japan, Watson decided that he wants to continue traveling over the next couple of years. He believes that the next spot will someday either be Africa or Asia, because those are two of the oldest places in the world. Watson’s overall goal is to see the entire world throughout his lifespan.

Whether it be making mu- sic with his friends, socializing in the Elmore Dining Commons or attending his class- es, Watson aims to be friendly to everyone he meets.

Watson truly believes that everyone deserves to be in a good mood with positive vibes flowing. With that belief, he tries to not only accept everyone, but to also make friends with anyone who is willing.


Bianca Bonomo

Bianca Bonomo is a sophomore majoring in film. Bonomo is from Westchester, NY and has a love for writing and music. Many of Bonomo’s interests include going to concerts, outdoor sports, practicing the drums and writing short stories and songs. Bonomo is very outgoing and loves starting up a conversation with a stranger.

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