How To Make The Distance Last

Long distance relationships can be a struggle, but there are ways to make it successful. Stock Photo.
Long distance relationships can be a struggle, but there are ways to make it successful. Stock Photo.


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At a university with so many international students, it is very common to meet someone who is currently in a committed long distance relationship.

Sometimes these students find it hard to continue their relationships after they leave their homes with thousands of miles between them.

Although calling it quits may seem like the only choice for some couples to cope with the hundreds and thousands of miles between, it may appeal to others to make it work. A long distance relationship requires two times the amount of trust, patience and ambition than a rela- tionship that is not separated.

Partners should give some space to each other since they are in different environments.

Expecting to be in touch for 24 hours, seven days a week is senseless. How- ever sharing each other’s schedules may make it easier for couples to communicate with one another. Making time for each other is important, but forcing time is dangerous.

Skype and FaceTime become highly valuable to long distance relationships. Skype dates may sound odd, but they help maintain contact. Depending on the time zone, it may make it easier to spend time talking to each other earlier in the day.

New places, showing them around town and letting them see the daily routine typically makes the couples feel closer to one another.

Although it is hard to feel the constant love when there is no physical connection, reminding each other how much love there is in many other ways definitely keeps the relationship alive. The best part of having a long distance relationship is the value of seeing one another in the limited amount of visits and holidays.

It is a risky but beautiful thing, which can bring the partners closer and increase the trust in each other.


Romina Benzeray

Romina Benzeray is a sophomore from Istanbul, Turkey, majoring in advertising and public relations, with a minor in marketing. Benzeray is a big city girl who loves traveling and experiencing new cultures. Benzeray likes to go to the beach. She is looking forward to studying abroad and to continue her journey toward becoming a public relations specialist.

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