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Many students either did not know graduation required an application or are not aware of the upcoming deadline. Although an initial email was sent out in the beginning of October containing the information, eligible students have overlooked it.

When the various seniors were asked if they were aware of the application deadline, all responded saying they did not know.

“I plan to pass my classes to stay eligible, and over Thanksgiving break I am going to sit down and do the application with my dad so he is aware too,” said Albert Lefran, senior.

The graduation link can be found on MyLynn under the academics tab once signed in. It provides all the information needed.

“Now that I understand the process and know where to go I plan to take care of the necessary paperwork since the deadline is coming up,” said Meghan Dolan, senior.

The deadline for the May graduation is the first week of January. Graduating students are amazed at how fast their college experience has passed by and are getting ready for their final semester here at Lynn already.

“I’m finishing up my degree in the summer and then I am probably staying in Florida,” said Ben Schwanberg, senior.

So regardless if the seniors know about the process or not, plans seem to be developing one way or another.

“I’ve looked over the application and it is pretty simple and won’t take long,” said Lefran. “It just consists of personal information like your name, ID number and then some details about graduation like the date and diploma specifics.”

Time tends to go by quickly in students’ senior years. Some advice for the upcoming graduates would be to complete the form as soon as possible and perhaps during the upcoming breaks with so much time off.


Amanda Feldstein

Amanda Feldstein is an alumna with a bachelors degree in biology. As a former member of Lynn's Women’s Soccer team, Feldstein was able to find her aspirations of becoming a physical therapist.

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