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Summer Schults, junior, and Kirstie Schults, senior, are a year a part but have been playing soccer together for as long as they can remember. They are roommates and best friends but plan to take on different career paths. Summer is a criminal justice major and Kirstie is a graphic design major.

The Schults sisters. Stock Photo.
The Schults sisters. Stock Photo.

“Going to school with Summer was actually a surprise since we never planned it this way,” said Kirstie. “The coach recruited me and then, since she is a year younger, he found out about my sister through me and then recruited her for the following year.”

Summer is pleased with her decision to sign to the Fighting Knights after her sister had gone here. She was able to hear all about Lynn and the team through her sister, so it was an easy decision.

“Having Kirstie around is awesome because I always have an outlet if things aren’t going my way and we get to make memories during the best part of our lives,” said Summer.

Kyle and Eric Schindler are identical twins in their junior year and compete together on the baseball team. Both are biology majors and hope to become physical therapists in the future. For them, going to school together was the plan all along.

The Schindler brothers. Stock Photo.
The Schindler brothers. Stock Photo.

“We wanted to go to school together. We knew us separating was a definite possibility,” said Kyle. “If we could make it work out where we went to school together then it was ideal.”

Both the Schults and Schindlers are guilty of the classic sibling arguments but it is never anything serious, just the occasional harmless bickering.

When it comes to sharing, Kirstie and Summer can fit into the same clothing and live in the same room therefore most stuff is shared, but are independent when it comes to food and make up.

The Schindlers share basically everything.

“We don’t share toothbrushes though and personal items like that. We wear different socks but I still wear his and he still wears mine,” said Eric.

Although each pair does their own thing and has multiple friends besides their sibling counterpart, they tell each other everything and experience it all together, especially their athletic experiences.

Some people would think that being around their siblings 24/7 would be too much since college is the time in one’s life where they want to mature, but for the Schindlers and Schults it is a blessing. They have always shared their accomplishments and failures and would not have it any other way.


Amanda Feldstein

Amanda Feldstein is an alumna with a bachelors degree in biology. As a former member of Lynn's Women’s Soccer team, Feldstein was able to find her aspirations of becoming a physical therapist.

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