Swimming to the Top

The Men’s Swim Team Reflects on a Successful Season

By Toby Nwokedi, Staff Writer

In the 2023-2024 season, the men’s swim team has greatly performed against top teams in their conference and have had eight players have record-breaking times in their swim meets.

One of the swim team players, Maurice Grabowski, had one of the fastest swim times, clocking 20.45 seconds which is one of the best times on the team. Although their record is above average, their players have been performing great this year.

“The season has gone really good,” said Chase Gagner, a freshman. “I’ve gotten some of my best times and the team as a whole is one of the best teams we’ve had this year.”

This year is one of the best individual seasons for players. They have performed at a high level in their swimming meets against teams in their conference whether it resulted in a win or a loss.

Although the swim team has merely a week left in their season, the other great news is that some of the swim team players have been invited to the house of champions invitational, which is a swim meet for one of the best swimmers in their event for each team in the conference.

“They had a good season last time and sent quite a few athletes to nationals and their mid-season meet was good this year and had a lot of players break records,” said Joe Haynes, a junior Lynn track and field player.

Haynes believes the swim team has been doing well this year because of the way their players performed. They will possibly make nationals again based on their individual play this year. The team is placed in sixth for their conference. Tampa, Nova and Florida Southern University are the top-heavy contenders in the conference. Lynn performed well but could not get the win.

“So far, they have been doing a phenomenal job,” said Jackson Butterworth, a sophomore at Lynn. “I saw them break so many records, very proud to be a part of this institution.”

Athletes and students have seen the success of the swim team’s season and support them all the way through their games. Students are proud of the team and are happy about their success in their meets and their individual play this season. The men’s swim team has a chance at their meets and nationals because this team
has so many talented swimmers that have been doing amazing in their swim events all season long.

Above: Lynn swim player doing the free stroke event in the swim meet. Photo/Lynn University.
Above: Lynn swim player doing the breaststroke event in the swim meet. Photo/Lynn University.

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