Student Activities at Lynn

Lynn’s Student Activities Board (SAB) Continues Its Fantastic Run of Fun

By: Noah Barclay, Copy Editor

Not everyone is as lucky as Lynn University when it comes to the fun department. At Lynn, the Student Activities Board, SAB, a department of Student Involvement, continuously puts on outstanding events for purposes of fun, entertainment, community building, and engagement among students on campus.

While it is one of the important organizations on Lynn University’s campus when it comes to keeping things entertaining, bringing people with so many different backgrounds together is not always an easy task. SAB, however, has a feel for any challenges, as their last event brought in lots of students flocking for the fun.

“I think it gives people a place to pass some time and have some fun,” said Dominick Mesana, a member of the Student Activities Board. “It’s nice seeing student community, people enjoying themselves.”

This past event was like a carnival, much smaller yet relatively similar to Founder’s Day without the food trucks. A rock climbing wall, a trampoline that assisted you when going up, and an inflatable slide numbered among the events attractions. It was a small-scale event that was good for students simply looking for something to do.

“It’s a good time to hang out with friends,” said Mesana. “It keeps you out of your room.” After being asked about future events, Mesana was extremely optimistic.

“Yes! There will be plenty! There is even a pool party coming up later.”

Overall, the goal of the Student Activity Board is to put out quality events. The goal of delivering a quality of time to all students and staff at Lynn will continue.

“It will just give them something to do on top of that they can come with their friends,” said Brandon Jenkins, a member of SAB. “On top of that, they can make memories. We want good vibes, good energy and community building. We want entertainment for the students.”

Find out about more upcoming SAB events by visiting the Office of Student Involvement in the University Center or on Lynn’s “Blueprint” app. In addition, keep an eye out for flyers around campus, near classrooms and in the residence halls.

Give yourself a break, have fun and enjoy all that the Lynn community has to offer!

Above: Students playing skeeball at a SAB event in Christine’s Park. Photo/Lynn University.
Above: Lynn’s Mascot Lance with a Lynn student attending a recent event organized by the SAB. Photo/Lynn University.

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