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A Lens into Student Charlize Rivera’s Artistic Journey

By: Monika Bridgers, Assistant Social Media Editor

In the vivid world of photography, senior Charlize Rivera at Lynn University narrates an artistic evolution spanning eight years. Initially a clandestine user of her father’s Canon camera, Rivera’s journey from a stolen camera to the realm of professional photography unfolds with Lynn University serving as a pivotal chapter in her artistic narrative.

8 years ago, Rivera embarked on a photographic journey, stealthily pilfering her father’s Canon camera to capture family moments. Guided by her father’s tutelage, what began as a casual hobby transformed into a passion. However, it was not until 11th grade, after a fortuitous encounter with her high school photography teacher, that she realized the expansive potential of her craft.

His inspiration led her to Lynn University, a nurturing ground for creative minds, where connections with experienced professors and remarkably talented peers have propelled her growth in unimaginable ways.

“Photography is not just about freezing moments; it’s about capturing emotions and telling stories,” said Rivera.

Lynn University, with its vibrant community, has become the backdrop for these visual narratives. The mentorship of seasoned professors has provided insights beyond the technicalities, fostering an environment where artistic expression flourishes. Collaborating with fellow photography students, Rivera has unearthed new skills, delved into diverse perspectives, and participated in opportunities and events that have shaped her journey.

“The connections I have forged at Lynn have been instrumental in my growth,” said Rivera.

Engaging with a community that shares a passion for the arts has opened avenues for collaboration. Rivera emphasizes the significance of Lynn’s community-driven approach, where shared aspirations and creative endeavors converge to create a thriving ecosystem.

“Lynn University has allowed me to discover and amplify my journey from within. Capturing the beauty of the world through my lens,” said Natalia Rodriguez, a senior and student photographer.

Rivera encapsulates the essence of her transformative journey. The multifaceted exposure and collaborative ethos have equipped her with skills extending beyond photography skills that will resonate throughout her career. Lynn’s environment has not only nurtured technical proficiency but also cultivated an artistic community that thrives on mutual inspiration and shared passion.

In the tapestry of Charlize Rivera’s artistic odyssey, she is finding her artistic tribe as she embarks on the final stretch of her academic journey. Rivera’s story exemplifies how Lynn University’s emphasis on collaboration, mentorship, and a shared passion for the arts transforms individual pursuits into a collective symphony of creativity.

Above: A sunset on Boca Raton beach. Photo/C. Rivera.
Above: A picture taken by Rivera of a downtown landscape. Photo/C. Rivera.

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