Microsoft Embraces AI

Lynn Students Speak Out

By Karim Hanna, Staff Writer

Microsoft, the company that has been innovating the personal computering and gaming space since 1975, announced on Oct. 26, 2023, that it will shift its focus to incorporating AI into its products.

This new advancement is part of the organization’s efforts to become one of the first leading companies in AI development. Many students at Lynn did not seem enthusiastic about Microsoft’s new ambitions.

“As an artist, I don’t really know what Microsoft is doing with AI, but I’m not a fan of it and what it’s taking from us,” said Ara Sly, a Lynn sophomore.

Some students are incredibly wary of the implications of AI being utilized more frequently across a variety of disciplines and career fields. Microsoft’s decisions in recent years have only weakened the trust people have with the tech company.

“I personally find it problematic that AI can take jobs such as software engineering,” said Adam Gedo-Rosenthal, a Lynn graduate student. “Microsoft isn’t known for its reputable practices either.”

However, there are those who see some potential in this new direction the business is taking. That potential is still met with some skepticism.

“It could work theoretically, but there needs to be much more quality assurance,” said Dave Pitts, a second-year student at Lynn. “AI being focused on is kind of scary.”

The future remains unclear for Microsoft, and only time will tell if this endeavor will be a step forward for the company, or a step back. 

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