When Washington Burned

A Lynn Library Book Talk with Dr. Robert P. Watson

By Spencer A. Backman, Copy Editor

Dr. Robert P. Watson recently participated in the Lynn Library Book Talk Series, which featured his new book, “When Washington Burned.” The book details about the burning of the White House during the War of 1812.

In addition to being a renowned author and historian, Dr. Watson is a distinguished professor of American history at Lynn University. He is famous for his hard work and dedication to making Lynn a better learning institution, specifically by engaging students in unique events like these book talks.

“Dr. Watson is an amazing professor,” said Nicholas Marfino, a Lynn sophomore and political science and journalism duel-major. “I really love having him as a professor; I want to take more classes with him and I want to go on cruises with him.”

Dr. Watson gives multiple book talks at Lynn each year. As a widely published author and world-renowned historian, he also lectures on historical cruises and prominent locations around the world. and he is regularly featured in globally aired documentary series.

“We’re a university,” said Watson. “I think it’s great that the library is hosting book talks and featuring faculty for students. Part of the mission of the university is research and scholarship, so a lot of faculty do research and are active in meaningful scholarship.”

Taking advantage of these book talks and other events hosted by the Lynn Library and facilitated by Watson are just a few of the opportunities available to students to learn about book publishing and the skills necessary for success.

“These talks could inspire students,” said Watson. “Students may indeed say: ‘I don’t only know someone who writes books, but he is my professor and he can give me tips on becoming a writer.’ So, these talks make it accessible for students to learn about writing and publishing from faculty who have done it all before.”

Book talks are just one of the many ways Dr. Watson contributes to Lynn. He serves as director of Lynn’s Project Civitas, a Lynn initiative that helps educate the community members about how to be engaged citizens and civic leaders who work toward a humane and inclusive future for our nation and world. As part of the initiative, Dr. Watson hosts a high-caliber lecture series and facilitates a scholarship program that encourages student engagement in projects related to public service, diversity and the environment.

If you are interested in meeting Dr. Watson or attending one of his programs at Lynn or in the community, visit the third floor of the University Center or go to lynn.edu/events for details on upcoming book talks and lectures.

Dr. Robert P. Watson discussing his new book at the Lynn Library. Photo/S. Backman.

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