The Joys and Struggles of Holiday Shopping

What Students Should Know Before Buying Holiday Gifts

By Nick Blanchette, Staff Writer

Regardless of religious affiliation, shopping is certainly a highlight of the holidays, especially with seasonal merchandise available across various stores in Florida.

During the holidays, many people may find joy in festive decorations and merchandise that are only brought out once a year. With bright lights and Christmas trees around campus, Lynn University provides its students with a festive atmosphere every December.

Lynn students also look forward to the abundance of holiday goods offered in stores around the Boca Raton area and other off-campus locations. 

“I would love to go see the Christmas lights exhibit at Hoffman’s Chocolates. I think they call it Hoffman’s Winter Wonderland,” said Amanda Topple, a Lynn junior. “It’s super cozy; you get to walk with your friends and family, and the walking trail through the exhibits loops back around. So, at the end, once you’ve gotten hungry from the walk, you can look through all the seasonal, holiday-themed treats they have.”

With so many festive activities to partake in, it is important to note that holiday shopping may become hectic due to crowds or general stress from making gift selections. In these cases, it helps to plan where to go ahead of time or to keep a list of merchandise that should be prioritized. Having a budget in mind is also an excellent way to figure out what goods should be bought first.

“Least favorite thing about holiday shopping would probably be the craziness of everything as the holiday season is happening,” said Topple. “People experience a lot of stress from picking gifts, figuring out travel plans, gathering family together, etcetera.”

Fortunately, for students who prefer buying goody bags and simple décor gifts, the Lynn University Campus Store is a wonderful place to purchase merchandise that conveys school spirit. Apple electronics are also available as presents for more tech-savvy recipients. Students who prefer creating their own gifts can find basic crafting materials in the Campus Store, as well.

“I like deciding what to gift to different people,” said Topple. “Since I hand-make most of the gifts that I give, I pretty much have the freedom to get as creative as I want, and it’s fun to figure out, for example, what a friend or family member would like to receive.”

Regardless of holiday shopping chaos, the Boca Raton area offers an abundance of shops to visit this holiday season.

Christmas decorations displayed in the Guten Living Room in the Lynn University Student Center. Photo/ N. Blanchette.
Lynn University’s Hanukkah decorations. Photo/ Lynn University.
Mary’s Kitchen joined the holiday spirit in 2022 during their “Late Night Breakfast” featuring The Grinch. Photo/ Lynn University.

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