It’s the Most Wonderful Time of The Year!

How to Find Affordable Decorations for the Holidays

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By Katie Zivley, Co-Editor-in-Chief

As the most wonderful time of the year approaches, there are many resources to rely on to make the holiday season run smoothly, comfortably and importantly, affordably.

Many look forward to celebrating the holidays as the year slowly comes to an end. While the season might be an exciting time, it can strain budgets between purchasing decorations and gifts for loved ones. Looking for discounted deals helps ensure affordability during this time of year.

“I would say either Big Lots or Aldi are good options,” said Kyra Douglas, a Lynn senior. “I like to buy dorm room décor, holiday décor, food items and furniture there.”

When it comes to decorating, creating a comfortable environment is often the goal. To accomplish this within a budget, people routinely turn to Walmart, Home Depot, Amazon and Target. To some, shopping online is the best solution.

“Amazon is the best, in my opinion, as it’s great for college students,” said Eve Tsolakis, a Lynn graduate student. “I typically buy a mini-Christmas tree and ornaments.”

Revelers on a budget can get creative and decorate plain ornaments to create personalized items. Hanging colorful lights and is another cost-effective way to make this time special. 

“I’d recommend Target or Hobby Lobby for holiday décor,” said Katie Grasso, a junior. “I usually buy Christmas tree stockings and string lights.”

Memories make the holiday season special, especially when separated from family. Decorating, even on a budget, can make all the difference.

Eve Tsolakis and her twin brother snap a photo next to their Christmas tree in 2022. Photo/D. Tsolakis.
Lynn students wearing holiday pajamas gather in Perper Residence Hall. Photo/@lynnuniversitystudentaffairs.
A menorah placed on Lynn’s campus for the holidays. Photo/@lynnuniversity.
A nutcracker and a decorated Christmas tree in the
lobby of the Wold Performing Arts Center. Photo/K.Zivley.

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