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Lynn Students Discuss What Makes a Good Horror Film

By Lisset Guillen, Staff Writer

Recently Lynn students discussed what makes a good horror film and expressed their views on the infamous genre.

Although horror films are known for their special effects, many students believe it is important to focus more on the storyline, psychological effects and actors.

“I think the psychology behind the film makes for a good horror film and they are better if based on true events,” said Patricia Gay, a freshman. “Vera Farmiga is a really good actress in horror.”

Vera Farmiga starred in the 2013 film, “The Conjuring,” based on a true story about the Perron family being affected by the hauntings in their house. Farmiga played paranormal investigator, Lorraine Warren. The film had twelve jump scares without an abundance of CGI.

“Excessive special effects take away the realness of a movie and can ruin it if done improperly,” said Gian Thomas Zuanelli, a freshman.

“Get Out” is one psychological horror movie that uses minimal special effects. Directed by Jordan Peele, the film follows the story of a man going to visit his girlfriend’s family, before soon realizing everything is not as it seems. Although both “The Conjuring” and “Get out” are well received modern-day films, some students prefer to stick to the classics.

“I like older horror films because it creates suspense,” said Adrian Alcocer, a criminal justice major. “Having a good story makes a good horror film.” Alcocer added that his favorite film is the 1978 horror classic, “Halloween.”

“Halloween,” is considered one of the most influential horror movies. It opens with Michael Myers’ point of view, as he breathes heavily and attacks his victim, escalating the terror.

Lorraine Warren, played by Vera Farmiga, discovers the secrets of the Perron family’s
house. Photo/
Patricia Gay watches the horror film, “Talk to Me.” Photo/L. Guillen.
Chris Washington, played by Daniel Kaluuya, experiences hypnotism in “Get Out.”

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