A Look Back

Lynn Seniors Grow Since Freshman Year

By Manuel Baez, Staff Writer

The semester is ending, and it will soon be time for this year’s seniors to graduate. A lot can happen when a person attends college, and many things can change from the first day of freshman year to senior graduation day. For better or worse, people change, learn and evolve in many different ways.

“I got more comfortable speaking up for myself,” said Chris Matt, a senior and business administration major. Although adversity leads to change, Chris too experienced a happier side of college, as he says he is also more comfortable “getting to know more people.”

Change is a natural part of life, and a formative experience like college is one of the best times to experience it. Personal growth does not happen overnight, and people never truly stop growing.

Natalie Yager, majoring in data analytics, has experienced plenty of personal growth during her time at Lynn.

“I’ve grown to really understand what I am good at,” said Yager. “I’ve also put a greater focus on utilizing my strengths to be the best version of myself.”
Change is not always night and day — sometimes it can come in small increments.

“I learned to be more adventurous,” said Edward Crain, a film major. “I’ve also made more efforts to try to focus on positive things.”

Change is nothing to fear, and Lynn’s seniors are a testament to how beautiful and exciting change can be. Four years ago, none of them knew what the future would hold as they entered college, and once again, it is time for them to begin a new chapter. From iPulse’s editorial team, congratulations to our seniors. Go Fighting Knights!

Chris Matthews in his signature Christmas suits, four years apart. Photo/C.Matthews
Natalie Yager being the best version of herself, freshman year (left) and senior year (right). Photo/Natalie Yager
Edward Crain being adventurous and focusing on the positive since 2019. Photo/Edward Crain.

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