Thank You, International Staff 

A Shout-Out to the Class of 2023 International Student Employees

By Javiera Sarmiento, Staff Writer

For the great effort they have put into making Lynn University the best version it could be, it is only fair to look into how the experience has been for international student employees graduating from Lynn this May.

One of the reasons Lynn does such a fantastic job at welcoming people from many cultures is that part of its staff is composed of international students. As a result, throughout their time at Lynn, these students have worked to make the university further its succeesses. They have also grown throughout it all.

To get insight on how the work experience has been for those international staff members graduating this month, to learn about their upcoming plans and to thank them for their work, iPulse spoke with senior student employees and other staff members working in Lynn’s Office of Admission.

“I have been working at Lynn since my freshman year, and I couldn’t be more grateful for the experience,” said Adriana Veizaga, a multimedia assistant at the Office of Admission. “From creating content for our social media pages, connecting with students through calls and emails, to giving campus tours, I had the chance to jumpstart my career while developing my interpersonal skills simultaneously.”

Back in 2020, Veizaga, originally from Cochabamba, Bolivia, earned the International Presidential Scholarship to study at Lynn. Since then, her positive impact on the Lynn community has not stopped. Majoring in advertising and public relations, Veizaga has put everything she has learned in the classroom to work as she has been both a Knight caller and currently a multimedia assistant.

Apart from making unique content for the university, Veizaga is also known for sharing her experience as an international student, academic tips and vlogs through her TikTok account, @adrinavid, which has more than 860,000 followers. Veizaga is excited about what the future holds, and after graduating, she will continue to explore her field through a master’s degree and eventually get a full-time job. 

“I’m definitely going to miss the team and all my coworkers who have become family, as well as all of the people I got to know and the stories of all our visitors and prospective students,” said Javier De Soto, a student ambassador. “I would also like to thank everyone at the admissions office and the CVE team, as well as Sam, Ange, Ryan, Lauren and Katie. You guys are the best.”

From Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, and soon graduating with a bachelor’s degree in international business management, De Soto has become a crucial part of the success of Lynn’s Office of Admission. As a student ambassador for the Campus Visit Experience team, De Soto has found a family on the team he works with and encourages other students to become student ambassadors regardless of the position seeming intimidating.

He recalls how there was never a dull moment at the office as there was always something to do, and he is grateful for the team who made his first job an experience he enjoyed and dedicated all of his efforts towards. After graduation, De Soto will stay close to Lynn as he plans to join the Watson Institute.

“I’ve learned so much from working with the senior students. They’ve been so kind to everyone in the office, and them being international made me feel even more comfortable, especially when I first joined the crew,” said Daniela Rueda, a student admission ambassador.

Managing school responsibilities and having a job at the same time is no easy task. Having to, for the most part, communicate in a language that is not native is another aspect that makes the international students who take on this task simply outstanding people. Moreover, the lessons learned during their time at Lynn and the mark they left on other staff members will live on forever.

Other international students who are graduating and deserve massive applause for the wonders they have done in various areas at Lynn are Agustina Tasende, Ishita Nair, Jamie Sabeeney, Shrusti Domadia and many others. 

Above: Veizaga receiving the Student Ambassador of the Month recognition. Photo/Lynn Admission.
Above: De Soto, along with coworkers, at an admissions event. Photo/ Lynn Admission.
Above: Tasende, Nair, Domadia and Sabeeney. Photo/ Lynn University; Lynn Admission.

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