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Lynn’s Annual Fashion Show a Wild Success

By Romanshika Singh, Contributing Writer & Gretchen Lembcke-Pena, Editor-in-Chief

On Feb. 24, Lynn hosted its annual Fashion Showcase at the Eugene M. & Christine E. Lynn Library, which featured a full house of designers, stylists and Miami Dade College students who showcased their designs.

This year’s theme for the showcase was The Evolution of Expression, showcasing various designs from different perspectives within the fashion industry. The event started around 6 p.m. with cocktail hour, followed by the show around 7 p.m.

This year’s showcase was exclusive, as it was a collaboration between Lynn University and Miami Dade College fashion design students.

“My highlight of the event was to model for Tasha Jean,” said Sophia Scharffenorth, a graphic design student at Lynn University.

The show started with Lynn alumna E’Naiyah Frazier, who shared a deep love for denim. Her bleached, ripped denim designs were outstanding to the crowd as they gazed at the models on the runway. Frazier later walked the stage when her section of the show was over, receiving a standing ovation from the spectators.

“E’Naiyah’s pieces are denim couture, and they are extravagant,” said Isabella Norris, a stylist and sophomore. “Seeing her designs will be a wild moment for the audience.”

The showcase continued with designs from Miami Dade fashion design student Bianca Camargo, whose pieces where inspired by Charles James and Rei Kawakubo. Having various garments and one-of-a-kind outfits for evening events, Camagrgo excels at construction and pattern making and has a high attention to detail and quality.

“In high school, I did theatre and dance, so that’s actually how I got into fashion,” said Camargo, a designer and sophomore. “I want to do costume design, so I just love being backstage and helping.”

To contrast Camargo’s designs, Kaymarie Daniel displayed her tropical designs in the runway. Having grown up in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Daniel is inspired by her culture. From long, lightweight sundresses to brightly colored swimwear, her designs had it all for a sunny day.

“I feel like everyone’s bonded with what they are destined to be,” said Daniel, a designer and first-year student at Miami Dade College. “Since I was a child, I always knew that I was meant to be a fashion designer. I went to school for a different reason; I have a business degree, but it always goes back to fashion.”

The most avant-garde of the three students was Rose Tasha Jean-Noël, who thrives on going the extra mile with all of her work. Various shapes, colors and rhinestones encompassed each model’s features, giving them a fierce and confident look.

“I’m a rebel to fashion,” said Jean-Noël, a Miami Dade graduate student and designer. “I do believe in re-fashioning. I believe that fashion is actually a movement. It’s a wear type of thing, it’s a who’s doing it, where is it happening. I’m very rebellious to it, but I do follow the construction of it.”

The show continued with designs from Rayane Alami, Jailene Herrera, Stephanie Farah, Boca Raton Bridal, Sara Mique and Lynn professor Dr. Ellen Stern, who showcased her high-quality handbags.

The night concluded with a standing ovation from the crowd as all the models walked the stage with their respective designers shining in the spotlight.

E’Naiyah Frazier ending her portion of the showcase. Photo/Gretchen Lembcke-Pena
Golden dress by Bianca Camargo. Photo/Gretchen Lembcke-Pena
: Men’s beachwear by Kaymarie Daniel. Photo/Gretchen Lembcke-Pena
Model applauds Rose Tasha Jean-Noël as they walk the stage. Photo/Gretchen Lembcke-Pena
Overview of the runway. Photo/Gretchen Lembcke-Pena

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