Holy Shakes Has Decadent & Indulgent Treats

Specialty Milkshakes Are Ready for Instagram

By Dan Abraham, Staff Writer

Are you craving a creamy, dreamy and delightfully decadent milkshake? Look no further than Holy Shakes, a locally-owned dessert shop in Boca Raton.

Holy Shakes has unique menu options to appeal to many tastes. Holy Shakes — the most extravagant shakes the shop offers – come in Creamy Cookies, Nutella Crunch, Coffee Rush, Unicorn and more.

Instashakes, which are slightly less indulgent, are offered in Nutella, chocolate, strawberry and lime flavors, among others.

For those in the mood for creativity, Holy Shakes has a create-your-own option, which starts with an ice cream base and can be combined with over 20 different toppings and mix-ins. The possibilities are endless and will satisfy any dessert craving.

Holy Shakes first opened its Doral location in November 2019 and recently expanded to Boca Raton. Co-owners Maria Corina and Salomon Del Valle, who moved the U.S. from Venezuela in 2015, wanted to take classic milkshakes to the next level in South Florida.

“We had a dream to create a fun place where people can enjoy the best shakes in the world,” says Corina. “Our objective is to take the shakes to the next level and to build something with meaning and love.”

Holy Shakes is full of cheerful staff who are committed to customers, with each team member going the extra mile to provide excellent service.

Prices range from about $8–$16. The shakes are delicious, making it worth the 10-minute drive from campus.

“I just found this place, and they have amazing desserts!” said Elizabeth, a local resident. “I highly recommend the classic key lime shake. It was delicious! The atmosphere was fun, too. I will definitely add Holy Shakes to my list of favorite treat shops.”

Holy Shakes is located at 5030 Champion Blvd. in Boca Raton, only a few miles from campus. It is open every day from noon–10 p.m., giving students options for an afternoon or after-dinner treat.

Holy Shakes is easy to find in Boca Raton. Photo/Dan Abraham. 
Holy Shake’s Creamy Cookies option is one of the most extravagant desserts available at the shop. Photo/Dan Abraham. 
Holy Shake’s variety of milkshakes and smoothies. Photo/Dan Abraham. 

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