The First 40 Finale: A Magician Steps In

Trigg Watson’s Show Combines Technology and Humor

By Valeria Rodriguez, Staff Writer/Graphic Support

On Oct. 1, the Center for Student Involvement celebrated the end of the First 40 at Elaine’s and the Gutin Living Room with delicious food, games and more to crown the victorious blue or gray knights.

The First 40 Finale kicked off with a bang that was surely felt around the University Center. 

“For the first time in a long time, I felt like I could just relax and enjoy my time at the University Center without having to worry about schoolwork or any other obligations,” said Juan Casais, a Lynn senior. 

To finish off the First 40 right, the Gutin Living Room was filled with peer leaders and mentees. Cotton candy and tasty drinks circulated the room as smiles flew from face to face. The party grew in size as the crowd awaited the magician’s arrival.

“Oh my God, this is a show with an audience of a thousand people,” said Trigg Watson.

At 8 p.m., students began filling Elaine’s Dining Common’s seats. Whispers grew to loud chatter as the room reached capacity. Minutes went by, but no magician. Finally, a man with a Bluetooth mic and a GoPro camera emerged from the shadows. The crowd erupted as Trigg Watson, the illusionist, introduced himself.

“The magician was wild; it was outrageous,” said Matthew Bilello, a junior. “I enjoyed the show.” 

Many quickly doubted Watson’s magical prowess, but that soon changed. What at first seemed to have been trivial and juvenile tricks revealed themselves to be genuinely spectacular feats. Trick after magic trick, the crowd slowly started to shift in favor of the quirky illusionist.

“My favorite part of the show was when Trigg showed the audience photos from when he was a kid with his homemade time machine,” said Valeria Rodriguez, a senior. 

For the final act, Watson called up one eager student in the audience to participate, from whom he requested a dollar. Luckily, the student had exactly one dollar he received from Watson himself. Somehow, the same dollar ended up inside of a baby carrot, which was inside of an orange. The crowd went wild.

The grey team took home the crown of the Fighting Knights. Everyone enjoyed a magical act full of wonder and baby carrots. Sean Sides, the student who received the dollar from Watson, had a great time.

“I had a great night, and this is something that I’ll never forget!” said Sides, a senior. “I’m gonna keep this dollar as an amulet.”

Above: CSI assistant making a cotton candy for a student in the First 40 Finale. Photo/Juan Casais.

Above: Matthew Bilello serving popcorn to a student during the First 40 Finale. Photo/Juan Casais.

Above: Garrett Horejsi (left) and Trigg Watson (right) smiling after the show. Photo/Valeria Rodriguez.

Above: Trigg Watson (left) and Sean Side (right) celebrate the show’s end with a dollar. Photo/Valeria Rodriguez.

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