Amusement in Florida Parks

                      A summertime trip to Universal Studios

By: Moecha Lubin

Position: Staff Writer

Lynn Students have many options when it comes to summer trips. Now that summer’s here, both Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure are great choices for an expedition.

Universal Studios is one of Florida’s main attractions. If searching for a getaway and a good time, Universal is the place to be. Stella B., a young adult in Broward County, recently went to Universal. 

“The Rip Ride Rocket was amazing! It was the first ride we got on when we got to Universal, and I could not stop screaming the whole time,” she said.

The Rip Ride Rocket is a well-known ride at Universal — one of the first rides seen when entering the park. The ride begins slowly, tilting everyone backward and building suspense for what will happen next. Then, it blasts off just like a rocket.

Not only are the park’s rides amazing, the food is known to be exceptional. Universal Studios has a multitude of restaurants, buffets and stands where patrons can try all types of treats from amusement park fixtures like smoked turkey legs and cotton candy to global cuisines like Jamaican-inspired dishes at Bob Marley — A Tribute to Freedom and burger-sushi mashups at fusion concept Cowfish. 

“I had a burger at Hard Rock Café; it was a great meal to end a great day,” said Stella B.

Conveniently located due west of the intersection of the Florida Turnpike and Interstate 4 in Orlando, Universal Studios provides a discount on theme park tickets for Florida residents, who can save up to $65 on multi-day passes. That means cheaper tickets and more time for fun. 

“Honestly it was just a great experience, a great way to start the summer,” said Stella B. 

Altogether, Universal Orlando Resort is the place to be this summer. Whether you are in-state or visiting from elsewhere, Universal Studios is one attraction you do not want to miss. 

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