Lynn University tackles diversity in the curriculum

In 2022, Lynn University was ranked as the #2 most diverse college in America by Niche – ahead of Stanford University, which came at #3. Proud of this incredible achievement, the institution moved to make sure the ranking was not just a title to reflect its highly diverse population, but also a calling to diversify its curriculum. It was in this space that the Diversity Committee was brought to fruition.

The Diversity Committee is an academic initiative made up of faculty from different backgrounds, colleges, and fields of expertise, to evaluate and assess the diversity of the university’s core curriculum. In addition, the committee will help create academic programming and faculty training programs to ensure that the core curriculum reflects the diverse perspectives of the Lynn community.

Dr. Katrina Carter-Tellison, Vice-President for Academic Affairs, believes this initiative is crucial as it will help ensure that it represents Lynn’s diverse population not just in terms of groups of individuals but also in ideas and perspectives. She states that “it is those differences in perspectives that truly make for a holistic learning environment and allow our students to engage in meaningful and impactful conversations while making them feel seen and represented.”

The committee is led by Dr. Antonella Regueiro, who will work closely with faculty members from across the university to accomplish the mission of this committee. She states that “in the current sociopolitical climate of the country, in which the words ‘diversity and inclusion’ have become politicized and polarizing, projects like this are important to continue guaranteeing access to diverse perspectives that educate global citizens.”

The committee met for the first time this Spring semester to delineate a timeline for action and specific deliverables to be achieved. It will begin evaluating the current core curriculum in Fall 2022.

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