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Learn about Lynn’s Women in Aviation organization 

By: Agustina Tasende 

Future-to-be women pilots from Lynn University gathered to talk with Lindsay Maynard from Republic Airways to gain an insight on what it is like to work in the aviation industry. 

This month, the Women in Aviation organization from Lynn University had its first speaker event to help members understand what it is like to work in the industry. 

 “Lindsay Maynard shared her experience about what it’s like to be an airline pilot, especially as a woman,” said Jessica Hernandez, a member of the Women in Aviation organization. The organization’s mission is to “connect, motivate, and inspire each other on our aviation journey. We aim to as well promote key female figures in the aviation industry and provide networking opportunities,” said Hernandez. 

The current president of the organization is Meaghan Dempsey. “I joined the organization, Women in Aviation, in order to be part of something bigger than myself. I want to be able to network and relate to other professionals with a strong affinity in aviation,” said Hernandez. 

Women from Lynn University are encouraged to join if they have a strong passion for aviation and flying in the skies. The meetings are also open to those who are not studying aviation, but may be airplane and air travel enthusiasts. 

“So far it has been a great experience; I feel heard and respected,” said Hernandez. 

There has been a rise in new organizations at Lynn University, and this organization seems to have the potential to grow rapidly. Women in the aviation field is still something that is seen as rare. 

“When I tell people I am studying aviation, they are surprised. Then they follow by asking, ‘so you are studying to be a flight attendant?’” said Geraldine Villarreal, a member of the Women in Aviation. 

As Villarreal described, women pilots are still in the process of being in the norm. Therefore, this organization provides the opportunity for women to get an insight into what it is like to work in a predominantly masculine industry and support each other to fly the skies. 

Currently, the Women in Aviation organization has 12 members, but this organization is open to more members for those interested. To join the organization, make sure to follow the Instagram page @wai_lynnu. On this page the organization posts reminders about upcoming meetings and events to participate in. 

The logo for the organization, created by the members. Photo/@wai_lynnu.  
Geraldine Villarreal celebrating after her first solo flight. Photo/@lynn_coa.  
Lynn University students in the aviation program. Photo/@lynnuniveristy.  

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