Legendary Duke Coach’s Last Dance 

Longtime head coach Mike Krzyzewski stepping down after this season 

By JT Scott 

NCAA Duke men’s basketball head coach, Mike Krzyzewski, will be retiring after this season and a potential March Madness run.  

Krzyzewski has been the head coach at Duke University since 1980 and has led Duke to numerous winning seasons, including all five of Duke’s NCAA championships. He holds an overall coaching record of 1,191-365 and is the winningest coach in NCAA history. 

Players and fans like Nick Sitaras are sad to see their longtime coach leave. 

“I grew up watching Duke and Coach K,” said Nick Sitaras, a Lynn sophomore. “He gave me a lot of memories, and I’m sad he’s leaving, but I hope he enjoys retirement with family.” 

Other NCAA basketball fans like James Cinque are happy Krzyzewski is stepping down from coaching.  

“It’s about time he threw in the towel,” said James Cinque, a sophomore. “He’s been beating the Tar Heels for years. Maybe this will swing things and we’ll start dominating again.” 

Regardless of how much fans appreciate teams other than Duke, Coach Krzyzewski is respected around the NCAA by fans and opponents, and college basketball may never be the same without him. 

Krzyzewski paved the way for hundreds of NCAA and NBA coaches and will always be remembered for his constant, positive comments towards his players and the larger community.  

“A leader has to be positive about all things that happen to his team. Look at nothing in the past as a failure…Leaders show respect for people by giving them time,” said Krzyzewski after a tough loss earlier this year. 

Duke is currently the No. 9-ranked team in NCAA men’s basketball with a 21-4 record. They are the No. 1 team in the Atlantic Coast Conference and look to hold a top seed for the March Madness tournament. 

With a March Madness tourney win, Krzyzewski’s winning total would rise over 1,200 and would bring Duke its sixth NCAA championship—a tie for third most NCAA history.  

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