KOR Date Night 

A Valentine’s Day-themed event Lynn students enjoyed thanks to KOR  


Agustina Tasende 

Knights of the Roundtable (KOR) recently hosted a free date night for students that was attended by many who enjoyed amazing food with their loved ones.   

Reservations for the event sold out, and the magical night ended with an attendance of over 60 students. 

Reservations were available for a party of two, double dates or dinner with friends. The exclusive dinner was hosted in Elaine’s with available booking times from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. 

“Our motto for the date night is: have fun, love and eat, which reflects the highlights of the dinner including Italian-style cuisine, music, [a] photo booth opportunity and small gifts for all attendees,” said Massimiliano Biancardi, president of KOR. 

There was a strongly advised formal/semi-formal dress code for the event, which students followed. Throughout the night, couples and friends enjoyed delicious food and laughed in the photo booth. Students were also given a small gift wherein they had a paper to create a playlist with “their songs.” 

“We decided to create a more intimate event compared to the successful gala in November. This year, we want students to have a special event with those with who they share the closest relationships. And what better day than Valentine’s, where we show love to our friends, family and significant others,” said Laura Fakoury, vice president of KOR. 

Students taking pictures in the photo booth. Photo/A. Veizaga.  
Students taking a selfie during the KOR Date Night. Photo/A. Veiziaga.  

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