Hidden Gems of South Florida 

Past Treasures 

By: Ana Tegovska 

Position: Staff Writer 


Key West is among the top tourist destinations in the U.S., providing a vibrant nightlife, historic tours, colorful architecture and exquisite seafood.  

One of the most popular attractions is Ernest Hemingway’s estate, built in a Spanish Colonial style in 1851, where the author wrote many of his famous poems and novels. Today, it is a museum that offers visitors a close look at his life, including all the furniture he owned and the popular writing room with his typewriters.  

“Hemingway was a fascinating person who lived life on his own terms. The home is well preserved, and the tour guide really knew his stuff. They’re not afraid to share every aspect of his life — not only the talent, but the darkness that eventually ended his life. Definitely a ‘must-see’ when in town,” said MrMiller via TripAdvisor.  

The Nobel Prize-winning author had a six-toed cat named Snow White, which he loved dearly. Today, tourists can find over 60 polydactyl cats on the estate, all of them descendants of Snow White.  

“And don’t even get me started on the kitties… Furry paradise!! So. many. cats. And when we went, there were kittens too!! It really brought such a uniqueness to going to a museum, just having all these different cats literally everywhere you walk, and many of them have an extra toe as well, which is why they have the nickname ‘Hemingway cat’. Just an absolute experience,” said Raegan L via Yelp. 

One of the most interesting features of the house is the pool, which was the first inground pool built in Key West. The house is surrounded by lush tropical nature, botanical and secret gardens and long pathways. Together with the vintage details in the house, strolling by the pool and sitting on the benches of the gardens, visitors are teleported to Hemingway’s time. 

“The grounds were very well kept, even with 60+ cats roaming around and lounging on the property. It is really amazing taking a tour through this place and being transported into another era. For someone that appreciates history, the Hemingway house is a must on your Key West bucket list,” said William Giorgi via Google Reviews. 

The museum offers both guided and translated tours that last around 20-30 minutes. Visitors can also individually explore the museum. The general admission rate is $17 for adults and $7 for children ages 6-12. The museum does not require prior reservations, but don’t forget to bring cash since they do not accept any other form of payment.  

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