The Best At-Home Workouts  

Delaney Gould, Staff Writer 

Lynn students give insight into their favorite at-home workouts for those who do not have access to practical gym equipment or generally dislike working out in a gym.  

Not every student is comfortable with or able to go to the gym on a regular basis, so these students discovered their own workout regimens that don’t require going to a gym building.  

“I can’t and have never gone to the gym alone,” said Bayley Tracy. “Someone always comes up to me or stares.” 

Some of the most practical at-home workouts focus on the legs and abdomen since no weights or machines are required to work those areas. With the absence of equipment, bodyweight exercises have the same effect as using standard gym machines.  

“My favorite area to workout is my legs,” said Tracy. “I watch videos that I find online to do on my bedroom floor.” 

Many students find themselves working out in areas that lack space for movements, such as dorms and apartments. This is when body weight, at-home exercises come in the handiest since they require little to no tools, and the only space needed is the size of one’s own body.  

“I do these workouts on my bedroom floor,” said Tracy. “This lets me have enough space to exercise at home.” 

At-home workouts vary for everyone. Some enjoy yoga, while others love a hard abdominal burner workout. These all fall under the same umbrella, though, allowing participants to take care of their bodies in the comfort of their own space. 

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