Virtual School? No Problem! How Jamie Sabeeney Brought Classes To Life

By: Beverly Buechse Staff Writer

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, Lynn junior Jamie Sabeeney offered a helping hand in her native Trinidad by creating a “pod” classroom in her home to help children with their virtual instruction.

Sabeeney could not attend in-person classes this semester due to lockdown restrictions in Trinidad, so she has been attending classes virtually via Zoom. She is excited to be back on campus come January. While home, she came up with the idea to help families with their children’s education.

“Since March 2021, I renovated a little room in my house into a classroom,” said Sabeeney. “Schools here in Trinidad have been closed, so a lot of little kids are doing classes online. Parents need help as they are working and need help with their children who are doing online school.” 

Sabeeney decided to open what she calls a “little pod” and monitor children while attending their online classes and help them with their work so their parents would not have to stress when returning from work. She started with three children and now has six, teaching them from 8:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. 

“The hardest thing for me was having to source a lot [of] the materials and furniture for these children during the lockdown,” said Sabeeney. “Everything was closed and I had to start off by borrowing tables from my younger cousins. As things began to open, I was then able to slowly upgrade my classroom.” 

Sabeeney faced other challenges, like getting familiar with the apps the students were using and acclimating to their schedules. After a week of adjusting, she was able to successfully maintain her students’ schedules. 

“It took me about a week to settle down and get familiar but I would say I can do it with my eyes closed now,” said Sabeeney. “I have a routine that I do with the children every day to get their work done [and] have time to play.”

Sabeeney’s classroom is a success, providing the children of working parents with a nurturing, educational and safe environment. 

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