Thanksgiving Is Around the Corner Lynn Students Share Their Travel Plans

By Amelia Robinson

Staff Writer

Lynn students are ready to reunite with loved ones to celebrate Thanksgiving. Some will fly home state while others prepare for their families to visit them in Florida. 

For the majority of freshmen at Lynn, this year’s Thanksgiving will be their first to travel back home.

“I’ve been really homesick since I started my freshman year, but I’m so excited to hug all my family and friends when I get home and I’m also really excited for our Thanksgiving dinner because it’s a huge tradition in my big Italian family,”  said Courtney Shepherd, freshman. 

For most students born or raised in the United States, Thanksgiving is traditionally the first holiday celebrated in the new school year. Around this time in the academic year, students begin to miss home and get excited about their travels.

“When I attended college, Thanksgiving was always my favorite holiday. I love Christmas but there’s nothing like the fall, getting super excited to see everyone again, all of the amazing food that’s cooked at dinner and being home with my dog,” said Alexander Peter, a Thanksgiving enthusiast. 

It is also fun for families to travel to South Florida to celebrate. Specifically, for families living in colder areas, it is nice to escape freezing weather and enjoy the warmth South Florida has to offer.

“This year, my family is coming down from Connecticut to celebrate Thanksgiving with me! I’m so excited,” said Lilly Connors, senior. “I definitely will miss the fall time in Connecticut, but I’m honestly just so excited to have my family come down to celebrate…go to the beach on Thanksgiving Day and have my mom still cook in my apartment for Thanksgiving dinner.”  

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