Scooters Are Making a Comeback Investigating Why Lynn Students Have Increased Their Use of Scooters

By Delaney Goulds
Staff Writer

Lynn University students have increased their use of scooters on campus this fall.

Students at Lynn have begun to redefine the use of a favorite childhood toy, Razor scooters. Ranging in shapes and sizes, these scooters are now used by students for campus transport rather than recreation.

“The last time I used a scooter before coming to Lynn was in elementary school,” said freshman Ava Trankina. “I bought a scooter [at Lynn] because they are fun and help me get around faster.” 

When walking around campus, large numbers of students can be seen parading around on scooters. This is a sight that many students at Lynn have never seen, as in previous years, skateboarding around campus had been all the rage. 

This method of transportation is great for busy students, ensuring that they are able to get from place to place without worry about being late. 

“If I know I will be late to something by walking, I can go a lot faster with my scooter,” said Trankina. “For example, lacrosse meetings or practice.”

Since Lynn is a smaller campus, purchasing a scooter is a fun but also helpful investment. Students have caught on from watching their friends, peers and classmates use them, making scooters quickly pop up all over campus.

“The best thing about using my scooter…is that there is enough space on campus to go fast,” said Trankina. “I would recommend other students using a scooter because it helps you get around efficiently and faster.”

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