Playlist of Champions The go-to Music of Lynn Athletes

by Taryn Super, Editor-in-Chief

Music has always played a large role in athletics.

It serves as a motivating factor. Whether it be an upbeat song that helps an athlete remain positive during a hard workout or an inspiring ballet that helps an athlete relax before completion, music can help athletes overcome pain and anxiety.

Certain musical artists have albums filled with fantastic songs to listen to during a workout. Find out the go-to music that Lynn athletes enjoy listening to the most. “The best music artist to listen to when you’re working out is Pitbull because his songs are  upbeat, [and they have] EDM and beat drops that help you keep up the pace,” said Lauren Odom, women’s volleyball player.

“The best would be Lil Baby because he got the hardest lyrics and they have a good beat,” said Kennedi Philson, women’s basketball player.

“Van Halen because they get me hyped up,” said Alexander Flanagan, a men’s swimmer.

“I would say Fleetwood Mac because their music puts me in a soothing mood and puts my head in the right space,” said Jack LaBarbera, men’s lacrosse player.

“The baseball team enjoys listening to Spanish rap while playing on the field, but once we’re in the weight room it’s straight Drake’s Certified Lover Boy,” said Seth Hojnacki, a men’s baseball player.

“I listen to Broadway music because it is so fun and makes me want to go full energy. If I’m hearing fun music, I’m having fun so I love it,” said Delaney Gould, a women’s lacrosse player.

“The music artist I like to workout to is Post Malone because his songs are upbeat and keep me motivated,” said Blair Vignes, a women’s cross country runner.

“Stormzy, because his music is very upbeat and it allows the artist to express his experiences through life and it helps me focus on the task at hand,” said Joseph Haynes, a men’s cross country runner.

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