Living Across the Globe Natalia Narvaez Reflects on Experiences

By: Jorge Herrera

Staff Writer

Lynn MBA student and Campus Visit Specialist, Natalia Narvaez, has lived in many different countries within her life since she frequently moved to different countries during her youth and had to adapt to each country’s distinct culture. Narvaez reflects on her experience of living in different countries and the impact it has had on her.

Because of her mother’s work, Natalia Narvaez has lived in several countries throughout her life. Narvaez has lived in Paraguay, Brazil, Spain, Colombia and Venezuela. In living in so many different countries, Narvaez has learned new cultures, languages, dialects and met many people during her time in each country.

“I didn’t have many problems when adapting to these countries because I was already used to it,” said Narvaez. “I was like a chameleon. One of the few things that I found difficult to adapt to were the dialects and the accents. Sometimes people laughed at me because I used to talk with a unique accent.”

Adapting to a new country or city is always difficult and Narvaez has had to do it more than six times. Narvaez enjoyed each experience in each country, but the time she spent in Paraguay and Brazil were really special and memorable for her.

“To be honest, I don’t have a favorite one because all of the countries that I lived [in] have something special,” said Narvaez. “If I have to choose one, I will choose Paraguay or Brazil because of the memories. Paraguay is a very special country and I think that many people do not value it. Brazil has a very special place in my heart because the people are very happy and kind. I loved the culture and the landscapes of this country.”

While Narvaez’s youth was filled with adapting to new places, Narvaez is glad that she got the opportunity to experience so  many different countries and cultures throughout her life. 

Above: Natalia Narvaez and her friends in Paraguay. Photo/N. Narvaez.

Above: Natalia Narvaez at Parque del Retiro while living in Madrid. Photo/N. Narvaez.

Featured: Natalia Narvaez (right) during the Rio Olympics. Photo/N. Narvaez.

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