Student-Athlete Shares the Benefits of Becoming Vegan: Senior, Giovanni Fraser’s Lifestyle Brand Supports Healthy Eating

Vegan Vybz was founded in 2019 by Giovanni Fraser, a student-athlete at Lynn. Vegan Vybz is a cultural movement and a lifestyle brand whose goal is to help people achieve their desired wellness through vegan food and other positive health effects.

Vegan Vybz is all about the benefits of healthy living. Their purpose is to raise awareness and encourage a lifestyle that promotes overall wellness. One of their main ways Vegan Vybz enlightens others on wellness is through their Wisdom Wednesdays, which are weekly talks that their group holds to inform people about specific positive health effects.

“I wanted to create Vegan Vybz because for me personally, it just made a lot of sense healthwise. In my family, both diabetes and heart diseases are prevalent, so [I] just wanted to start [a] healthy lifestyle early,” said Fraser.

Fraser, from Jamaica, had eaten meat all his life before switching to a plant-based lifestyle in 2017. After enjoying the change, he wanted others to see its benefits and started spreading his knowledge and food tips with his closest people. The positive impacts of it made him want to create something bigger and share it with others through Vegan Vybz.

“I want to make being vegan cool, to combat that negative stigma about it. Five years ago, I would have never believed that I would be vegan today and have been for three and a half years now,” said Fraser.

Fraser has been part of the Lynn Men’s Basketball team since 2019 and is currently a senior. Before Lynn, Fraser attended Daytona State College, where he represented his university’s basketball team and was named defensive player of the year. He has seen a positive impact on the plant-based diet in sports too and continues pursuing it.

“I personally just got comfortable with knowing when and what I need in my body, so it takes time to find the style that works for you and especially [for] the lifestyle you live,” said Fraser.

Many students at Lynn support the lifestyle brand by wearing their masks, t-shirts and other products with the Vegan Vybz logo and following their journey. Fraser has big plans for the future of the brand. The overall goal is to create a wellness center with a gym, restaurant, and spa in the same building.

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