Taking Fitness Off-Campus: How Students Utilize Patch Reef Park & Trail Off-Campus

Unable to access specific fitness tools on campus this 2021 semester, students have begun to look off-campus to fulfill their needs by utilizing Patch Reef Park and Trail.

Patch Reef Park & Trail has provided students the option to use the same facilities without worrying about interrupting scheduled athletic training. Patch Reef Park and its adjacent Patch Reef Trail are recreational facilities located on Yamato Road about a block from Lynn’s campus.

“I utilize the fields for physical fitness and training,” said Mason DuBois, sophomore. “It is convenient because of the location and easy access.”

Students are flocking there, as it is open to the public and is accessible from 8 a.m. – 11 p.m. Patch Reef’s facilities include the following: baseball fields, soccer fields, tennis and basketball courts, and ample parking for patrons to utilize.

“It’s easy,” said Reese Walker, junior. “You just walk on, and everything’s just open for the public.”

The Patch Reef Trail is located on the western border of campus and Patch Reef Park itself. The trail begins on Potomac Road to the left of Lynn’s back entrance and leads out on Yamato Road just feet away from the park entrance.

“It is very convenient to get to Patch Reef; it is right outside of Lynn and easy to access without a car,” said Colby Keefe, sophomore.

As students face new scenarios within their fitness schedules, they turn to alternative solutions, and Patch Reef has become a hotspot for students and their recreational activities.

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