Roads Are Not What You Think: Roads Are Now Being Made From Recycled Plastic

In 2020, California company Technisoil Industrial began making plastic roads to help the environment.

Technisoil Industrial’s plastic roads are made from 100% recycled material. They also provide a new market for companies that deal with plastic. Another great thing about plastic roads is that they do not cost any more than a regular road.

“Everybody that’s looked at it said this will be one of the most transformative road-construction technologies
ever,’’ said Sean Weaver, President of Technisoil Industrial. “We’re recycling what’s there, and we’re delivering a road that’s better than the original, at no higher cost than it would cost you to rehab that road the traditional way.”

The constructing of a plastic road is not much different than building a regular road. First, the top three inches of the road are removed. The removed top three inches of asphalt are mixed with what Technisoil Industrial calls a “G5 Binder” made up from 2%-20% plastic solution. Finally, the mixture of plastic and asphalt is paved onto the road.

“Technisoil Industrial company is the only one that recycles the entirety of the asphalt – typically only up to half
is reused – which makes the new technique cost-effective,” said Weaver.

Some people may be hesitant about driving on a non-traditional road, especially one made from plastic. Many different labs tested the plastic asphalt solution, and they were very impressed with the results. Technisoil Industrial’s plastic roads are sturdier, flatter, more durable, and overall safer than roads made from asphalt.

“Plastic recycling has a potential to not only repurpose a material with high availability but also reduce our dependence on oil and reduce greenhouse gas emissions while creating more durable and resilient roadways,” said Weaver in a company statement.

Technisoil Industrial revolutionizes how roads are built with their plastic and asphalt solution while making the world a better place.

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