Exploring Digital Assets: College of Communication and Design Hosts Virtual Special Lecture “NFT Talk”

The College of Communication and Design recently hosted a special lecture series event, “NFT Talk,” led by Assistant Professor of Computer Animation, Alex Duque, via Zoom.

Duque covered cryptocurrencies and how the technology is being used to create NFTs, which stands for Non- Fungible Tokens, a data unit on a digital ledger called a blockchain. Also, attendees learned the importance of NFTs and provenance.

NFTs are unique and used so that digital art can have value and be traced back to artists. Duque compared the inconsistencies between physical art and digital art and why artists should turn their art into crypto-art. Crypto-art can represent many different digital files such as videos, art, pictures or other creative work.

“Provenance is the history of ownership of a valued object or work of art or literature,” said Duque.

Most physical art has a certificate of authenticity, which gives the artists a record of sale and verified proof
of ownership. Digital art posted on social media shared and re-shared makes it hard to verify ownership and leaves artists without a certificate of authenticity and no way of making a profit through their art.

The certificate of authenticity and provenance adds value to digital art. During the lecture, Duque covered how to get unique identification codes and metadata through blockchain.

“NFTs are created through Ethereum, an open-sourced blockchain, and by creating an NFT through Ethereum, art receives a unique, traceable ID that is linked to the artwork,” said Duque.

For more information or questions, please contact Professor Duque at aduque@lynn.edu. To watch the archived recording of “NFT Talk,” visit https://spiral.lynn.edu/commdesign_ lectures/1/.

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