The Making of “The Process”: One Lynn Athlete’s Experience Starring in “The Process”

Lynn’s newest YouTube series, “The Process,” highlights individuals’ inspirational stories, including Lynn athlete Bailey Fernandez, who was initially hesitant to share her story but is glad that she did.

“The Process” is Lynn’s Athletic department’s new video series that focuses on resiliency by each video featuring a different interview of an individual who has overcome difficulties and inspires the viewers to be resilient.

“Life has seasons of difficulty, though we can use the difficult moments of life to make us better versions of ourselves founded in honor, empathy, and maturity,” said Director of Athletics, Devin Crosby, who came up with the idea of creating “The Process” and who serves as the interviewer within the video series. “This series will positively impact viewers through the stories of others while demonstrating Lynn’s excellence in college athletics.”

One Lynn athlete that the series will feature is softball player Bailey Fernandez. When Fernandez was given the opportunity to be featured in “The Process” video series, she was hesitant about participating. Fernandez was unsure if she wanted to disclose her personal experiences, such as how she had brain surgery when she was ten years old and how this surgery led to her experiencing mental difficulties as she got older.

“Originally, it was stressful for me because I never talked about it with anybody and now it was going to be aired to the public,” said Fernandez. “I was a little hesitant to accept the offer. Even my coach who nominated me for the series was hesitant about me doing the video, but I decided that I wanted to share my story and with my coaches’ support, I accepted the interview.”

During her Zoom interview with Crosby, Fernandez discussed many personal topics such as her surgery and the impact her faith has in her life. While at first nervous about the interview, Fernandez’s nerves were eased by Crosby’s supportive personality.

“Devin was really nice and supportive during the interview,” said Fernandez. “At times, the interview got serious, but he knew I never really talked about my life experiences with others so he tried not to stress me.”

Despite her initial worries, Fernandez is glad that she participated in “The Process” because she believes that the lessons she has learned in her life can help others. Fernandez is proud to contribute to “The Process” since she believes that the viewers can learn from the video series.

“After people watch my video, I want them to understand that they can always lean on their family for support and to put their faith in God even if they are not a big believer,” said Fernandez. “People should watch ‘The Process’ video series because a lot of Lynn athletes have different stories that can impact their [the viewers] life. In my case, my video could help others to start talking about what they have gone through.”

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