All Styles Welcome: Lynn Students Share Their Sense of Style

Lynn University’s population is diversified with students from 101 different countries, and a large part of how students express themselves is through fashion. With that said, students recently shared their unique styles and where they gain inspiration.

Whether a student is sporty, goth or chic, all styles are welcome at Lynn. Dressing sporty allows Alyssa Mencucci, senior, to be functional while still looking good. The same goes with most athletic dressers at Lynn.

“I love to be cute, sporty and comfy. I’m always on the go, so I like to keep my outfits practical and convenient,” said Mencucci. “I tend to shop at LuLuLemon as they have the best athletic wear, and it still is fashionable.”

While some go for leggings and sneakers, others like to dress trendy. Emilee Fars, junior, is one of those students as she keeps her style simple while also trying to keep up with the trends. Social media platforms like Youtube and Pinterest are a couple of sources where students get inspiration for their unique styles.

“Pinterest is a big influence on my everyday looks. I love going on the app and being able to see outfits others have come up with,” said Fars.

Looking at how all the various stores dress their mannequins has helped Gianna Cherichella, junior, figure out what she likes and how she should dress. Picking and choosing what she wants and does not like plays a role in what and why she buys certain clothing pieces.

“Going to the mall and window shopping is how I figure out what I want to wear and how I should dress,” said Cherichella.

Lynn students continue to express who they are through their clothing and their favorite clothing styles. Having different styles allows the campus to have a unique diversity, and students can show their individuality through their clothing.

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