The Car That May Change The World: World’s First Mass Produced Solar Electric Powered Car

By the end of 2021, Aptera will mass- produce a solar electric-powered car to reduce planet- warming pollution.

Aptera wants to create the most efficient car possible to minimize the amount of pollution the car emits.
On average, only 12-30 percent of fuel from gas cars is used to make the car move. Most of the fuel is lost due to friction and wind resistance.

The solar electric-powered car has three wheels with tires that offer the least “rolling resistance,” making the vehicle more efficient, and it has a sleek shape to reduce wind resistance. Not to mention, the car is powered by the sun and not fossil fuels.

“I think it will work great for me, as someone who is trying to be as efficient as possible and have a minimal impact on the environment,” said Tyler Perkins, Aptera solar electric car customer.

Aptera’s solar electric car may be efficient, but there are some drawbacks. Because the vehicle is solar-powered, it cannot park in a garage or any other shaded area. Also, the car only seats two people making it not the ideal vehicle for families.

“I’m in the category of, ‘I want to enjoy my life,” said Nick Field, accountant. “I just like fast cars. I think it’s cool.”

For others, this is the perfect car and is truly a breakthrough in solar technology. The solar electric car has a lot of space in the trunk, so it is the ideal car for someone who loves camping and road trips. In this car, one would travel miles from urban cities and not have to worry about fuel.

“While parked at the office on a sunny day, your Aptera could put back in about 4.4 kWh, which is far more than what you’ll use that day. You’ll arrive home with more charge than when you left. That’s how it works; it’s as simple as that,” the company said.

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