A “Surreal” Fashion Show: Making a Virtual Fashion Show Possible

The fashion show’s title is “Surreal” to show what the fashion industry has gone through in the past year, especially with COVID-19. “Surreal” is the second virtual fashion to take place at Lynn since COVID-19.

Above: Three models displaying different outfits from fashion show designers. Photo/O. Dols.

“I believe [the theme] was a mixture of the pandemic and seeing where fashion designers are going forward with social distancing and the catwalk,” said Traya Johnson, co-director and model committee chairperson. “[As a whole] we thought it would be a good idea to go with surreal because everything is changing.”

Above: The clothing for the fashion show is being ironed. Photo/O. Dols.

The fashion show this year has become more noticeable within different communities. With technology now, the fashion show will be made with various technologies such as virtual mapping and BEEM holograms in partnership with the College of Communication and Design.

“The fashion show is going to have all these great components of hologram technology, 3D mapping, videography, and with some of the great designers,” said Burnstine. “This type of fashion show has not been done before, so it is very exciting to be a part of it.”

The virtual show is significant to many people and faculty. This year is a little different, but since the virtual fashion show was so popular last year, it has become a tradition.

“[The audience should expect] nothing that they have ever seen before,” said Bella Bourgery, model & member of casting and modeling committee. [The show] is extremely different and never been done before, so just be excited and surprised.”

To find more information about the fashion show on April 22, visit their Instagram page @surrealtheshow.

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