From Writer to Editor-in-Chief of Her Campus: Guiliana Carozza Shares her Future Plans for Her Campus

Guiliana Carrozza, the new Editor-in-Chief of Her Campus Lynn, shares her plans for Her Campus Lynn and discusses the application process for students interested in getting involved with an empowering organization in the fall semester.

Her Campus is a digital magazine aimed toward and written by college women. The organization is relatively new to Lynn, as the chapter only started in September 2019. Her Campus Lynn is always looking for eager new students to recruit.

“We always recruit at the beginning of each semester. Anyone interested in joining Her Campus can look on our Instagram account (@hercampuslynn) and apply through the link in our profile,” said Carrozza. “If they have any questions, we are always a DM away and posting question boxes in our Instagram stories as well.”

The previous Editor-in-Chief of Her Campus Lynn’s was Janelle Fernandez. Fernandez started the chapter, built it from the ground up and then graduated in December 2020. Fernandez wanted to leave the chapter in the hands of someone who would keep building and motivating the organization’s members, and Carrozza was a no-brainer.

“I joined in the fall of 2019 as a staff writer, and in spring 2019, I was the Marketing & Events Director of our chapter. In March 2020, I was invited to write my first book, and that was a dream come true,” said Carrozza. “As I started working on my book, I could see myself pursuing a career as an author, and that is when the opportunity to become editor-in-chief of Her Campus happened. It’s been so rewarding, and a dream come true to work towards my passions.”

Carrozza wants to help the organization grow as much as she can. She plans to follow Fernandez’s footsteps, and encourages her team to follow their dreams.

“My plans for the future of Her Campus at Lynn are definitely to strengthen our chapter and reach more girls that are interested in the opportunities the organization has to offer,” said Carrozza. “We have a great internship program, and it is a good start for everyone interested in pursuing a career in this field. I also want to motivate and inspire our team to achieve their desired career and goals.”

For more information about the application process within the Her Campus organization, visit their Instagram page @hercampuslynn.

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