Sustainable is Fashionable: Alexa DeRogatis Designs A Sustainable Fashion Line

Alexa DeRogatis, junior, started her own sustainable fashion company, DERO, two years ago using thrift and recycled clothing articles. Since then, creating sustainable fashion has meant much more than putting pieces of clothing together; for DeRogatis, it is a work of art.

Thrifting and upcycling clothing has been overwhelmingly trending over the past few years, and DeRogatis has taken this popular trend and made it her own. DeRogatis uses the recycled clothing and turns it into something new by putting her twist on the pieces.

“The Lynn annual fashion show last year really sparked my interest in recycled materials that incorporate apparel and accessories,” said DeRogatis. “I’ve noticed that fast fashion has a negative effect on the fashion industry, and I want to help make a change.”

DeRogatis has created a few pieces for her growing clothing brand from shirts, dresses and unique pants. She continues to create more and add to the collection, hoping that people will want to purchase her pieces one day.

“I want to definitely expand my brand with sustainability, whether it is by social media or word of mouth,” said DeRogatis. “I’ve recently been in the makings of a website for my brand where I want to be able to sell the designs I make.”

By making clothing, DeRogatis can express herself and have fun with her creative side. While her clothing brand is in the developing stages, DeRogatis still enjoys creating the pieces for herself and allows her to practice freely without any stress.

“Sewing clothes is a sort of therapy for me. By creating something that I’ve envisioned and watching it come alive is very soothing for me. I get inspired by almost anything,
for example, the design and structure [of] a lampshade, I can envision a dress form from it,” said DeRogatis.

DeRogatis encourages people to follow her fashion design journey to understand the meaning behind her pieces better. Fashion gurus can do this by checking out DeRogatis’ Instagram, @designbydero, where she posts her latest designs.

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