Work Smarter, Not Harder

Studying can be difficult. However, with the right study tips, students can prepare for significant assignments without any fret.

When it comes to school, time management is vital. Therefore it is essential to block out times during the day to focus strictly on school work. When the time comes, it is necessary to work in a quiet, distraction-free environment. Between the Lynn Library, University Center and IBC, students can choose from many spacious study rooms.

“Finding a quiet and comfortable place always helps. Sometimes I even play music in the background to help the process,” said Sophia Savvides, junior.

Another critical study habit to adopt is taking notes in class; that way, there will already be notes to review and revise when it comes time for the exam. Not to mention, many times, professors hint at what will be on upcoming exams in class. Also, students find tools like Quizlet to be helpful when preparing for exams.

“When I study, I make flashcards on Quizlet. You can go online or download the app. I do this on my phone or my iPad,” said Trinity Allen, junior. “Quizlet helps me memorize what I need to study in a game format. I also like using tutor dot-com,”

For students to maximize their study sessions, they must know their learning style. Visual learning is one learning style, which consists of seeing and observing to understand a concept more. Another learning style is auditory learning, where learners prefer to learn by listening. Lastly, reading/ writing style learns by merely looking up words, researching articles, and reading books.

If students are still in a rut, then they can always ask for help. Students have the option to make a small, social-distanced study group or even meet with their professor during office hours.

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