Getting Creative With Lynn Creative Services

Robert Leigh, associate director of Lynn creative services, discusses a wide range of printing, packaging, and promotional services that are conveniently available to the Lynn community and beyond.

“Students are always welcome to stop by,” said Leigh. “Whether [students or faculty] order something or not, we are always willing to help those that need assistance with graphic design projects.”

Creative Services can be especially helpful for students who are looking to promote their club, sorority, or organization on campus. For example, students involved in sororities can purchase branded apparel to unite as a sisterhood. Also, students looking to raise awareness for a particular organization can do so by printing out large-format, colored posters.

“We established creative services to not only benefit the university from an operational standpoint, but also an educational standpoint.”

Creative Services also provides students with internship opportunities for hands- on experience in the graphic design and advertising industry. The program helps students learn how to prep files for print, work with clients, set expectations, and truly run their own printing business. Leigh has 28 years in the industry and intends to pass all his knowledge of running a graphic design entity down to eager students.

“We are a special program within the university that supports our graduates, and has awesome training programs underneath the academics department.”

Creative Services also offers a 20% discount to Lynn’s students, faculty, staff and alumni. If alumni are looking to start their own business post-graduation, then they will still receive a 20% discount.

Students and faculty can level up their printing and promotional needs with a various services including:

• Graphics

• Signage
• Branded apparel
• Promotional items
• Large-format printing
• Vinyl decals
• Vehicle wraps
• Packaging
• Other printed marketing materials and displays

Lynn Creative Services is located in the first floor of the Lynn Library. Students and faculty can place orders by emailing Leigh directly at or filling out the online form at Help/Main.jnz?portlet=Bookmarks

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